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Enjoy a celebration of the culinary genius of the island of Cuba brought to life by a team of passionate people.

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Authentic Cuban Cuisine

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Cuban cuisine isn’t just about what you eat though. It’s about the experience of making and enjoying the food and about who is around the table. Cuban cuisine is best when shared with friends and family.

Since Cuba was colonized by Spain, Spanish cuisine has had a profound influence on Cuban food. Other culinary influences include various parts of Africa and France.

We have our typical meals, with steamed rice, black beans soup and sweet plantains. And you must try our famous roasted pork dish, Lechon Asado, our Cuban-style shredded beef, “Ropa Vieja, “ and “Fricase de Pollo,” our chicken stew. You also can’t forget the Cuban sandwich — a variation on your typical ham and cheese sandwich — but this time also with roasted pork, pickles and mustard — that’s sure to please. Save room for one of our tropical desserts and finish the dinner our way with a “Cuban Coffee.”



Tabla de Quesos

Swirl Margarita

Palomilla Steak


Camarones Al Ajillo

Piña Colada

Quienes Somos

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In 2004, the first Havana Rumba was born in the heart of St. Matthews. In 2007 a new concept came to life: Mojito Tapas Restaurant. In 2010, the second Havana Rumba was opened in the heart of Middletown. The Havana Rumba & Tapas Bar opened in 2015, the original St. Matthews restaurant then moved to Shelbyville Road in 2019 and became Mojito in Havana Restaurant & Bar.